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Some days i think fatphobes are just jelly. 

Beach bodies.

I want this on my blog again because these ladies look like me and it is cool.

I’m a transmn and I still really want a pretty bikini omg

The topmost picture of the girl in red ensemble made me so freaking jelly because that is exactly my body type and my mum would throw me out of the house if dont “cover my fat”. Man I wish i had their confidence.

they are all so gorgeous and it makes me jelly! i especially love that chick in the red outfit (she looks to have a similar bust size to me), and the girl with the blue hair holy shit i want her hair


These are the times when I kinda wish I were attracted to women as well.

(Source: fullerfigurefullerbust)

Rarely do trans women of color ask for help in such a public way. Let's uplift Ja'briel Walthour with our voices, resources and money!


I’ve known Ja’briel via email for the past two years, and in each email she sends me positivity, love and light. She consistently tells me stories of being one of the only out trans women in her community of Hinesville, Georgia, where she drives a school bus for special needs students and consistently educates people on trans issues. She is always positive, always educating, always doing the work. 

It’s our turn to lift her up. She needs us.

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